DriBond®: A Revolutionary Polymer-Modified Dry Mud‑Set Patented Worldwide

DriBond® is a patented formula specially designed for the overlay of thin pavers (1 in or 30 mm) or natural stone over existing concrete. With DriBond®, there is no need to remove the existing concrete substrate, which is a costly and time-consuming process. DriBond® is a polymer-modified bonding agent that installs like sand and sets like cement.

Homeowners now have that ability to transform an old concrete driveway, pool deck, or patio into a hardscape masterpiece within one to two days. DriBond® makes the installation of pavers possible for a fraction of the cost needed to tear out existing concrete and replace it with a traditional sand-set paver installation.

Concrete removal is costly and time-consuming and can damage sprinkler systems, underground utilities, and other infrastructure. With DriBond®, thin pavers can now be installed directly over cracked, unsightly concrete driveways or other surfaces, transforming them into hardscape masterpieces.

The DriBond® system also inhibits the growth of grass and mold and eliminates the need for long-term maintenance and repairs. Millions of square feet of thin pavers have been installed utilizing the DriBond® technology.

Installs Like Sand, Sets Like Cement

Every decade or so, a miracle product comes along that disrupts and changes an industry forever. DriBond® is that disruptive technology, and we look forward to telling you more about it.

“Tim Berry and his professional staff helped us come up with a beautiful landscape plan, and then they went above and beyond our expectations. Our home has more value now—adding pavers to our home—and has proven to be a very smart investment. We are so happy. Thank you, to the guys at PaverLoc and Seal Rite Pavers.”
– Bill and Ann Gardner

Key Benefits

  • Specifically Developed for Residential Driveways
  • Tough Enough for Commercial Applications
  • Millions of Square Feet Successfully Installed.
  • Cost-Efficient
  • No Concrete Removal/Demo
  • Quick and Easy Application
  • Minimal Preparation Time
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Prevents Paver Settling*
  • No Long-Term Repairs
  • Inhibits Mold, Grass, and Weeds
  • Reduces Installation Time That Results in Greater Profits

*Based on Sound Substrate and Proper Installation


  • Bag Weight: 50 lbs/22 kg
  • Bag Coverage Rate: Approximately 30 to 35 sq ft (at Depth of 3/8”)
  • ASTM C579, Compressive Strength: 6,850 PSI
  • ASTM C666, Freeze-Thaw Ratio: 94%
  • ASTM C308, Final Set-Time: 5:40
  • Maximum Depth: 1”
  • Maximum Variance: 5/8”

*Note: For installations in freeze-thaw regions, please contact Paver Technologies.

Curing and Downtime

After the installation is complete, allow 24 to 48 hours for the DriBond® dry mud-set to cure and gain strength before allowing vehicular traffic on the installation. There is no downtime for pedestrian use.



One 50-pound bag will cover 30 to 35 sq ft at a depth of 3/8”.

Project Estimator: Approximate With 3/8-inch DriBond® thickness and 9-inch Borders

Product Coverage

100 Sq Ft 4 1/3
500 Sq Ft 17 1.5
1,000 Sq Ft 34 3
1,500 Sq Ft 51 4.5
2,000 Sq Ft 68 6

DriBond® is not recommended for the following:

  • Vertical Surfaces
  • Underwater Surfaces
  • Asphalt
  • Substrates Other Than Concrete

Shelf Life and Storage

Ideally, store the bags indoors and away from water and moisture. Unopened bags may be stored outside if they are still on the pallet, covered and protected by the original packaging.

The shelf life is from 18 to 24 months when stored inside its original, unopened packaging at a temperature ranging from 50°F to 85°F.